What is Changing the Learning Landscape @ HYMS?

Changing the Learning Landscape @ HYMS is an externally recognized, nationally accredited, on-going programme to develop our use of technology to enhance the learning experience of our students. It brings together the aims of HYMS’s Learning, Teaching and Assessment Philosophy 2013 and the outcomes of the HYMS 2013 MBBS Curriculum Review to be delivered in parallel with our engagement with the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education Changing the Learning Landscape Programme, in partnership with JISC, the Association for Learning Technologists, the National Union of Students and the Higher Education Academy.

Putting Technology Enhanced Learning at the cornerstone of the HYMS curriculum

Our aim is to support and enhance the teaching and learning experience at HYMS by putting Technology Enhanced Learning at the cornerstone of the HYMS undergraduate curriculum and to facilitate educational and organisational change in support of these strategic objectives. We will do this by focussing on:

  • enriching the student experience of learning and teaching
  • developing strategic thinking in the use of technology for education
  • ensuring effective use of technology to support learning and teaching
  • managing technological change
  • apply technology to improve organisational efficiency
  • optimising staff and student digital literacies
  • promoting culture change in the use of technology

Who are the Changing the Learning Landscape @ HYMS team?

The Team is built from members of the HYMS Management Team, the HYMS Learning Environment Team and representatives from the HYMS student body. We are also supported by external consultants and coaches as part of the Changing the Learning Landscape Strategic Consultancy Conversation, and also by colleagues from our peer instututions within the Changing the Learning Landscape network, particularly the University of Newcastle and Blackburn College.

  • David Pearson – Senior Management Team Sponsor
  • Andy Brown – Programme Lead
  • Paul Scott – Team Member
  • Jon Bateman – Team Member
  • Dom Ennis – Team Member
  • Aseem Mishra – Team Member (Phase II student representative)
  • Nour Alwaa – Team Member (Phase I student representative)

What are the stages of the Changing the Learning Landscape process?

Stage 1: We were successful in gaining funding for six days of external consultancy from the national Changing the Learning Landscape programme. This enabled the evaluation and benchmarking of HYMS’ current systems and processes and consultation with staff and student focus groups, carried out in partnership with representatives from the National Union of Students, a mobile device expert from the University of Bradford and a medical education consultant from the University of Newcastle. This provided evidence and recommendations to shape the second phase of the project.

Stage 2: The aim of this development and implementation phase is to facilitate the technological and cultural changes needed to ensure that HYMS teaching and learning is innovative and remains at the forefront of best practice. This process is aligned closely with the on-going HYMS Curriculum Review project (2014-2017) and will see the implementation of new practices and alternative and contemporary approaches to change and develop the learning environment in a holistic way.

Stage 3: This stage focusses on the establishment of on-going processes to ensure consistent evaluation of resources and practices. The aim is to consolidate the cutural changes effected by the programme and guide HYMS’s future teaching and learning practices, benchmarking and quality assuring them against validated, external methodologies and standards.

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  1. Steven Oliver says:

    Good to see CLL progressing well – writing here as I can’t seem to find where to comment on Blog postings now, have I lost this feature?

  2. Jon Bateman says:

    Hi Steven – for spam reasons we’ve put a 2 week cut-off on comments on Blog postings. They’ll be a fresh one along shortly for you to get stuck into

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