A vision for Technology Enhanced Learning @ HYMS

What does it mean for me?

Our vision is to develop and support a teaching and learning culture that enables students and tutors to engage, interact and build constructive learning partnerships within a conducive online and physical learning environment. The Changing the Learning Landscape @ HYMS programme will help facilitate this by enhancing the technological facilities we already have and ensuring they are used to their maximum educational potential inside and outside the classroom, and across all learning environments.

What can I expect?

A fully connected, learner-focussed environment that provides opportunities for greater interaction and engagement between students, tutors and learning resources.

Students can expect access to a diverse range of learning opportunities: for example supporting learning outcomes through cross-site teaching using video-conferencing; facilitated peer and tutor interaction using online discussion forums; access to relevant high quality learning resources.

Tutors can expect to take greater control and responsibility for building the online content that supports their face-to-face teaching; take the opportunity to introduce more interactivity and innovative educational activities to their teaching; and utilise additional technologies to interact and engage with their students.

How are we going to achieve this?

The CLL@HYMS programme will work with students and tutors to optimise the use technology in education to develop, enhance and extend educational practices within the following themes:

  • Cultural change
  • Connectivity and communication
  • Learning environment (virtual and physical)
  • Teaching
  • Assessment and feedback
  • Organisational efficiency and productivity

Learning Enhancement & Support Officer at Hull York Medical School

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2 comments on “A vision for Technology Enhanced Learning @ HYMS
  1. Steven Oliver says:

    It’s really exciting to see this project beginning to develop – how (and when) can staff start to get involved?

  2. Paul Scott says:

    Hi Steven, thanks for your comment.
    We’re now into Stage 2 of our CLL programme, and our focus is on implementing the recommendations that were identified in the consultation phase (which are closely aligned to the recommendations of the HYMS curriculum review). As the HYMS CLL programme progresses we’re going to be posting regular updates on this blog outlining the detail of the changes we’re hoping to implement and we’ll be inviting staff and students to get involved and contribute their ideas and feedback at this point.