Staff skills and responsibilities – key documents

An important element the Changing the Learning Landscape @ HYMS Project has been developing frameworks that will enable staff to create engaging online learning environments. Two important documents have come out of this process.

The HYMS Standards for Technology Enhanced Learning: development policy 2014-17 sets out how HYMS teaching should be supported with eLearning resources, giving pointers to the techniques educators can use to enhance their teaching and engage their students.

The HYMS Digital Fluency Framework provides a structure through which staff can orientate themselves in terms of the digital skills and knowledge that they might need at the different levels of involvement with TEL provision within HYMS. Help them to identify where they can best apply their skills and locate and gaps in their skill sets that would be valuable to fill.

Learning Enhancement & Support Officer at Hull York Medical School

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One comment on “Staff skills and responsibilities – key documents
  1. Jean McKendree says:

    I like the clear identification of a “skills ladder”. I would hope that HYMS would also put in place some clear recognition for those who “climb the ladder” and make contributions to TEL and development of others. I think because online teaching/support can be fairly “invisible” to senior management, it is often not realised how much effort and time goes into doing it well.