The 2014-15 Blackboard structure – a stepping stone

The Changing the Learning Landscape @ HYMS project has identified a need to transform the structure of HYMS Blackboard. Some of these changes are directly linked to the needs of the Curriculum review, but many are more fundamental to our desire to transform the use of the VLE and empower staff and students to fully exploit the facilities it offers. Many of the changes that have come out of the Curriculum Review project are due to be phased in over the next three years, but where possible we are implementing the key changes to the structure and use of Blackboard as soon as possible. The previous blog post (A new shape for HYMS Blackboard) outlines the shape of the courses in Blackboard at the end of the Curriculum Review implementation, but for next year and the year after there will be a mix of new and old curricular in use. So the structure for next year is a hybrid of the current and future structure – the key features are that the blocks of teaching will each be delivered from their own courses (in both Phase I and Phase II). Other teaching elements will also be self-contained with their own courses. Click here for a larger PDF of the 2014-15 diagram.


We hope that this structure will enable academics and clinicians to take greater control of their teaching material and enable students to better engage with them.

Learning Enhancement & Support Officer at Hull York Medical School

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