A new shape for HYMS Blackboard

One of the aims of the CLL@HYMS project is to develop and enhance the way both students and staff engage with the VLE. There are two main elements to this: firstly giving more control of the content and features of Blackboard to the staff directly involved in teaching; and secondly creating courses that are fruitful and inviting places for discussion. In order to achieve this we’ve restructured the courses in Blackboard, essentially creating a greater number of smaller, more focused courses where academics can easily manage their own online content and where students know to turn to for their learning.

It’s easiest to show this graphically. This first diagram shows the current course structure in HYMS Blackboard, with courses for Years 1 and 2, a double year course for Phase 2 and a course for Year 5. (Click here for a PDF version)


The diagram below shows the proposed new course structure after all the curriculum review recommendations have been implemented. Each block of teaching in Phase 1 and each rotation in Phase 2 has it’s own course, allowing Block Leads to have full control of the teaching material for their block and to fully utilize some Blackboard learning features that were previously unavailable to them. Each year also has it’s own course, and there are other courses that can now be self-contained, such as the prescribing teaching and clinical skills material in Phase II. (Click here for a larger PDF version)


With this structure we hope that we can begin to fully utilize the learning features and tools we have out our disposal, creating a more engaging virtual learning environment for staff and students alike. There is still a little way to go before this structure is finalized and put into place and we welcome any comments on, or questions about the plan – just post them below or email elearning@hyms.ac.uk

Academic Lead for the Learning Environment at Hull York Medical School

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3 comments on “A new shape for HYMS Blackboard
  1. mohamed zuhair says:

    This looks a lot more user friendly than the existing format. 4 years on and I still have issues with navigating blackboard. I think this would be a really welcome change.

  2. Steven Oliver says:

    This makes a lot of sense, but one complaint we get is around uncertainty about navigation in multiple course in Bb. Can I suggest that you get some of the excellent graphics you’ve got on this blog ‘upfront’ in the new Blackboard environment. I agree with you that they are a great way of working out where to go.

    • Jon Bateman says:

      Steven – yes, I think we need some really good graphics for students so they know exactly “where they are” in the course structure and their progression through it. These are definitely works in progress – there are things we’d like to represent better, such as the links between the related Phase 1 blocks